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I write about whatever interests me and have included a selection of pieces here as a showcase of my own work. More than anything – with this website – I am trying to bridge the gap between my love of writing and the growing need for content on a digital platform.

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Writing Copy –
Sample Website Content
This is a copy writing sample I produced for a fictional company – Williamson Hamilton, specialists in Executive Search.
It is sample copy for a website homepage.
Writing a Review –
‘The Sad Club’ at HOME Theatre, Manchester
A review of ‘The Sad Club’ written by Luke Barnes – performed at HOME theatre by students from Winstanley College as part of the 2019 Connection youth theatre festival.
Writing Fiction –
A Short Story
This is a short story that I wrote for the blog on another site. It is entitled ‘The Bad Day’ and gives a brief insight into the mind of Martin Pickles.
Writing about Teaching and Learning –
The Differentiation Charm
This is a piece from another blog that I publish on, called the ‘Magic of Teaching.’ It combines teaching and learning ideas with my deep-rooted love of the Harry Potter series, using JK Rowling’s wizarding world as a relatable platform for my discussion.
Writing Non-Fiction –
A sample foreword from my book:
“Fish and Chips – No Ham”

This is the foreword for a book I am currently working on about my experiences of working in pubs, bars and restaurants from my late teens into my early twenties. It is tongue-in-cheek and written in an informal conversational style; intended to be humorous, anecdotal and painfully relatable
Writing Creatively – 
A Character Background

This is a short piece of creative writing – a character back-story written for a fictional character that I designed for use in a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons.
It is imaginative and fantastical, and merges my passion for story-telling with my love of role-playing games.

About Me:

I’m a qualified chemist and teacher looking for a new way to exercise my talent for producing engaging content on a daily basis.

Personally – I am a huge fan of Fictional Fantasy, Cats and Noughties Emo Hits.

If you have a query about my work, please use the ‘Contact Me’ section below to get in touch and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

CV – Benjamin Anthony Hetherington

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